” For The Hope of Israel I am bound with this chain” Acts 28:19-20

To show how the word of God  came to be preached at  Rome and to show that Paul’s whole life was an except of faith that we should follow. (ACTS 28:11-31)


The people of Melita had been very kind to Paul .after three months when winter was passed,the centurion put all the prisoners on a ship again and they sailed for Italy.

Rome was not  near the sea.They had to land at a place called Puteoli and travel by road from there.


Even through Paul had not been to puteoli before,there were people there who made him welcome. They were believers in the Lord Jesus Christ. They asked Paul to stay there for seven days with them. The centurion must have felt very friendly to Paul by now ,for he let stay .


Then the prisoners and the centurion set out along  the road to Rome. But there were brethren and sisters in Rome as well and they came a long way down the road to meet Paul and travel back to Rome with him. In Rome the other prisoners were put in the prison,but  Paul was allowed to rent a house and receive visitors. There was a soldier chained to him all the time because he was still regarded as a prisoner.


Paul did not stop preaching  the Gospel. First of all he called the chief Jews to his house and preached the Gospel to them.For God had said ” to the Jews first and then to the  gentiles. ” Paul said to them ” For the Hope of Israel I am bound with this chain.” He told them that Jesus was the King whom God had promised their nation.He would return and setup God’s Kingdom. The things he taught them could all be found in the Law of Moses and the prophets.  Some believed the things he said . Some did not.” Let it be known to you” said  Paul, “That the salvation of God is sent unto the Gentiles , and they will hear it.”

When he had said these words the Jews went away and spent a lot time arguing over what Paul had said.


The apostle Paul,the servant of God , was kept very busy while he was a prisoner . God had determined to bring him to Rome and now he had a lot of work to do ..Brethren from other places came and visited him and brought him messages from their ecclesias. as well as teaching the Truth he wrote many letters called”epistles” In the bible the Truth he wrote many letters called” epistles” in the Bible.An ” epistle” is a letter.  He wrote these epistles to many Ecclesias ,and we can read some of them in our Bible. So we can still learn today what Paul wrote to the brethren and sisters long ago.

Even though Paul is now dead, we know God will raise him again when the lord Jesus Christ returns and reward him with eternal life.How important it is then that we carefully read those things that Paul has written and believe them.

They are not Just Paul’words. They are the words which God guided him to write.

Brief:  In all imprisonment Paul never lost his faith > he was content to be wherever it was God’s will to send him.God kept His promise to bring Paul to Rome .Paul kept on working as God’s servant all the time that he was a prisoner.He wrote letters to the Ecclesias to teach them about God and to help them understand the truth.Paul is dead now waiting for the resurrection. He has left us with a hope of life , If we believe all that he wrote and follow hiss good example.

We remember That :

* When Paul reached Puteoli he was met by believers who wanted him to stay for seven days.

*Paul stayed in his own rented house in Rome.

* Paul Preached to the Jews first then to the Gentiles.

*Paul wrote many letters to Ecclesias from Rome.

*We can read some of them in the Bible today.

* Paul is dead now but will be raised to life again when Jesus comes back to the earth.

*We must believe everything that Paul wrote and try very hard to follow his good example.



” We will eat nothing until we have slain Paul”

To show that the cleverest plans of the wicked can be easily overthrown by God’s power.


The chief Captain of the Roman soldiers still needed to know why the Jews had wanted to kill Paul.So the following day he called the rulers of the Jews together and sent Paul down to stand before them. But the meeting did not go well either.The Jews ended up arguing among st  themselves and became very angry.The Chief Captain was afraid that Paul would be attacked again.So Paul was hastily brought back inside the castle.


Poor Paul!  He must have felt very unhappy. But God  had no forgotten him. That night the Lord Jesus Christ appeared to him and said,” Take courage Paul, for as you have testified of me in Jerusalem,so must you bear witness also at Rome.” How these words from Jesus must have encouraged Paul.God was giving him strength to face the troubles that were ahead.


Now Paul’s enemies thought of another plot to kill him. More than forty Jews banded together and promised that they would not eat or drink anything until they had killed Paul. They came to the Chief priests and scribes and said,” Ask the Chief Captain to bring Paul down to you tomorrow. Tell him you want to question Paul. We will be ready to kill him as he comes down,”


But a young man overheard their plan.The young was Paul’s nephew. He came quickly to Paul and told him what he had heard.Paul listened carefully to his story and then called for a soldier to take the young man before the Chief Captain privately. When the Chief Captain heard the plot,he sent Paul’s nephew away but told him not to tell anyone else.” Tell nobody that you have told me this” he said.

In this way God made known the wicked plan of Paul’s enemies to the Chief Captain himself. The Chief Captain soon thought of a way to save Paul’s life.


The Chief Captain issued his orders to save Paul from the hands of his enemies. He called two centurions to him and gave them a command. ” Make ready two hundred soldiers to go to Caesarea, with seventy horsemen and two hundred pearmen at the third hour of the night,and bring Paul safely unto Felix the Governor” The Chief Captain immediately wrote a letter to send to Felix the Roman governor. He was sure Paul had done nothing worthy of death.

And so at nine o’clock that night, four hundred and seventy soldiers, with Paul in the midst of them,rode out of Jerusalem. Into the night they marched ,down the road to Caesarea. The following day they reached the streets of that city and brought Paul in safely before Felix, the Roman Governor.

Brief:  Paul’s enemies had met early in the morning to plan to kill Paul. Their plan was a clever one and seemed certain to succeed. but they did not know that God had a different plan. No matter what men may plan to do to us, God always watches over us. We should learn from this to trust in God. God gives us strength to face trouble too when we read His word it strengthens us and encourages us.

* when Paul was unhappy the Lord Jesus Christ appeared to him in the night and encouraged him.

* Paul’s enemies plotted to kill him secretly.

*Paul’s nephew overheard their plans and told Paul.

*Seventy horsemen and two hundred spearmen and two hundred soldiers took Paul safely to Felix the Roman Governor by night.


” So shall the Jews at Jerusalem bind the man that owns this girdle”

To show Paul’s faith as he bravely faced the trials before  him, knowing that God was working in his life.


Paul was going back to Jerusalem.When he came to caesarea,there was a prophet there named Agabus,who could prophesy by the power of the holy spirit.He tied it around his own hands and feet ” Thus saith.He  said ” So  shall the Jews at Jerusalem bind the man that owneth this girdle,and shall deliver him into the hands of the Gentiles.” So Paul knew that he would be taken prisoner in Jerusalem, but he went there anyway.


When Paul arrived in Jerusalem,all the brethren were glad to see him. Paul told them the wonderful things that God had done through him among the Gentiles. Everyone joined in praise to God when they heard these things.


Some of the Jews whom Paul had argued against during his journeys saw him in the Temple.They did not like Paul teaching to the Gentiles. They liked to think God only cared about Jews. So they caught hold of him and cried out, Men of Israel! Help! This is the man that teacheth all men everywhere against the people,and the law of Moses, and this Temple. He has brought Gentiles also into the Temple,and hath polluted this holy place.”   Of course,this was not true,but the news spread rapidly through the crowd.People came running from all directions. They seized Paul and dragged him out. Then they shut the doors of the Temple and set about to kill him.


In Jerusalem there was a band of Roman soldiers in charge of the city.When the chief Captain heard that Jerusalem was in an uproar, he immediately ran down into the city with centurions and soldiers. The people were so crazy that they would have killed Paul.But when they saw the Chief Captain and soldiers coming,they stopped beating him and stood back. The Chief Captain arrested Paul and Commanded his soldiers to bind him with two chains. Paul was a Roman prisoner now.


The Chief Captain demanded out one thing,and some shouted something else.The Chief captain could not  understand what they all meant because of the noise.So he ordered Paul to be brought into the castle.The soldiers actually had to carry Paul,because the crowd was so violent.   As he was led up the steps into the castle,Paul said to the Chief Captain,” I beseech thee,allow me to speak to the people.” The Chief Captain gave him permission.   So Paul stood on the stairs and held up his hand. Then everyone became quiet and listened.


Paul spoke to all the people in the Hebrew language. He told them that Jesus Christ had appeared to him on the  road to Damascus long ago,and had told him to preach the Truth to all men. God had even told him that he was sending him to the Gentiles.

As soon as Paul said the word ” Gentiles” the people who had been very quiet until then, started to shout out loudly again.

” AWAY WITH SUCH A FELLOW FROM THE EARTH, FOR IT IS NOT FIT THAT HE SHOULD LIVE!”  They cried. They could not believe that God wanted to save gentiles as well. They thought that God was only interested in Jews like themselves.


When all the shouting started again, the Chief Captain took Paul right inside the castle.      So the words which God had spoke through  Agabus had come to pass .Paul had been terribly beaten,and now he was a prisoner at Jerusalem! But this evil which had fallen upon Paul was really all part of God’s plan. God was making a way open for Paul to visit Rome.

Brief:   The word of God through the prophet Agabus had come to pass. God’s word always does! Paul had been badly beaten and made a prisoner,all because he was teaching about Christ and the Kingdom of God.But he never lost his faith,even in trouble.

We must remember that:

* Agubus the prophet showed Paul that he would be a prisoner in Jerusalem.

*The brethren at Jerusalem welcomed Paul.

*Paul’s enemies set about to kill him.

* The Chief Captain arrested Paul.

*The chief Captain allowed Paul to speak to the people.

*When Paul mentioned ” the Gentiles” the people became angry again.

* God was making a way opened for Paul to go to Rome.

* We should trust in God at all times and He will deliver us in times of trouble.

We should be like Paul and trust in God at all times and He will deliver us in times of trouble.


” Trouble not yourselves, for his life is in him”

To show God’s power in raising to life again people that have  died.


It was night time in the city of Troas. In one room, high up on the third floor of a house , many oil lamps were burning.It was the first day of the week and the followers of jesus had met there to break bread and drink wine,as Jesus had commanded. Everyone in the crowded room was listening very carefully to paul as he spoke to them from the Bible.


The apostle paul had been at Troas for six days now ,but on the next day he had to leave them.He was on his way back to jerusalem. Knowing that he would never again see the brethren at Troas until the Kingdom should come, Paul had many things to say to them.They must have been only too glad to listen,because paul went on speaking until midnight.


There was a young lad named Eutychus sitting on the window sill listening to paul. After Paul had been speaking for a long time,Eutychus became drowsy.His eyes closed, his had nodded,and soon he fell sound a sleep. Then,while Paul was still speaking,Eutychus fell right out of the window and down onto the street,three stories bellow.When the people lifted him up.he was dead, killed by the fall from the window.


Horrified,the disciples rushed down the stairs. What a terrible thing to happen! When they found that Eutychus was dead,they were shocked and very sad. But just as  God had given Jesus the power to raise up the dead ,so He gave this power to his apostle Paul. Paul fell upon Eutychus and put his arms around him.”Don’t be frightened” he said to the disciples.He is alive” And so he was.Eutychus had been brought back to life.


With hearts full of thankfulness,the disciples returned to the upper room.With their own eyes,they had seen God’s power to raise the dead to life again  Now they broke the bread and drank the wine to remind them of how jesus had died and God had raised him up again.They were very much comforted and their faith was strengthened by the great miracle they had just seen!


Paul went on speaking through the early hours of the morning ,encouraging them to be faithful to the words he had taught them from the Bible.If they remained faithful,they,too,would be goven life from the dead at the return of the Lord Jesus christ.

But now the day was breaking and Paul had to leave for Jerusalem.He knew that they would bind him with chains and put him in prison there.But he too took courage from the miracle that had just happened.He also would die,but God’s power would raise him at the return of Jesus ,and we know that Paul will  be amongst those who will live forever in God’s kingdom.

Brief:   Eutychus was a young man who wanted to hear God’s word,but he grew tired,and fell from his seat on the window ledge and died.God’s power to raise the dead was shown when the apostle Paul brought him back to life again. Eutychus had the opportinity to continue his study of eternallife at the return of Jesus,If he remained must we learn from the word of God and be baptised and continue to obey God that we too may be given life eternal when Jesus returns to the earth.

Remember that:

* Paul spoke to the people in a third floor room at Troas.

*Eutychus wennt to sleep and was killed when he fell out of the window.

*By God’s power Paul made Eutychus alive again.

* The disciples returned to the upper room and broke bread and drank wine.

* Next morning Paul left Troas to go to Jerusalem.

* We must believe and be baptised and continue to obey God so that we may find a place in the kingdom when Jesus returns to the earth.


” Many that believed.. brought their books and burned them”

“To show that God protects from harm and danger all those who put their faith and trust in Him.”


One day the people of Ephesus had a riot because of the things that Paul was teaching.(A riot  is when people in a city gather together in a mob and start to shout and make a commotion.They often break the law and rush about making everyone excited and angry and afraid.)


When paul was in ephesus, many people believed the Gospel.Some of them were people who had had a lot books about magic and all sorts of other things that they had believed before. They decided to get rid of them.

They brought all their books out together in front of everyone in the city and set alight to them.They counted up how much they could have sold these books for and found it to be fifty thousand pieces of silver- a fortune in those days But they burnt them to ashes to show that the things in those books were lies. They were going to believe the things of the Truth from now on.


Although many people were thrilled to learn the truth that Ephesus ,there were some who were not pleased about it There was a man named demetrius,who was a silversmith.( A silversmith is a man who makes things out of silver.) Demetrius used to make images and shrines to the idol named Diana. He used to sell them to people.He soon became rich doing this. But now he could see that if people were going to stop worshipping the goddess Diana , he was not going to make workmen who made idols and ornaments.


” Sirs”, he said,” you know that we make a lot of money by making shrines and idols to Diana”

You can also see”, Demetrius went on ” that this paul is turning people away from worshipping idols. Our craft is in  danger.” He was telling  them that if people stopped worshipping idols ,then people would stop buying the shines and silver trinkets and ornaments and then all the craftsmen would get no more money.

” Not only that ” he said.” But the great temple of Diana will be despised.” well, the people.listening thought that this would be a terrible thing. people would stop coming to Ephesus to see the magnificent temple of Diana and to worship there . If they did not come to Ephesus then they would not spend their money there.


The silversmiths came very angry. They cried out,

Then the whole city was confused by the noise.Some of them caught two of Paul’s friends, Gaius and Aristarchus, who had travelled with him, and dragged them to the theatre. ( The theatre was a large open-air hall where crowds could gather to listen to speeches and plays.) Paul tried to go in to speak  to the people,but the other disciples would not let him.

It was too dangerous. The Ephesians were so angry and excited they might have killed him.


Inside the theatre ,some people called out one thing , some another. Most of them did not even know why they had all come there anyway..They started to call out all together” GREAT IS DIANA OF THE EPHESIANS,GREAT IS DIANA OF EPHESIANS” . They kept yelling like this for about two whole hours. What a dreadful noise!


Then the Town clerk stood up in front of the people and told them all to be quiet.

“You men of Ephesus” he said, Everyone knows that the Ephesians all worship Diana and look after the temple.

You ought to be quiet and do nothing rashly.if Demetrius has a matter against anyone he can do the proper thing and take them to the court. We are likely to get into trouble with the Roman soldiers for this uproar because  we have no excuse for this meeting.”

And when he had finished saying this he sent everyone home.


After the riot was over Paul knew he must leave the city.It would not be safe for him to stay any longer.He called together all the disciples and said goodbye and went on his way.

BRIEF:        After they taught the people about God ,Paul and his friends were often in danger.  Those men at Ephesus were ready to hurt them. But God saved them out of trouble. We must always put pour trust in God to help us .He will not help us if we do foolish things.but if we put our trust in him, then whatever happens will be the best things for us.

We are not likely to worship idols these days ,but if anything in our life is more important than serving God then it becomes like idolatry for us.

*Remember that: Many people believed the Gospel at Ephesus.

*They burned their books about magic.

*Demetrius the silversmith was not pleased.

* All the craftsmen cried out,” Great is Diana of the Ephesians” and started a riot.

* The people were confused.

*The town clerk quietened the crowd.

God bless our readers


“I have many people in this city”

To show how friends  in the truth can encourage and help us along the way to the Kingdom.


Another city that Paul came to in his travels was Corinth. In Corinth he met a Jew named Aquila and his wife who was named Priscilla. Priscilla and Aquila loved the Bible.


Aquila and Priscilla earned their living by making tents Paul was a tent-maker too. He stayed with Aquila and Priscilla and they worked together, they talked about the word of God.


E very Sabbath day Paul would go to the synagogue in Corinth and preach the truth.But the people there did not want to listen when he told them that Jesus was the promised Savior. So Paul left the synagogue and went to the house next door. Justus,the man who lived there worshiped God and he did not mind Paul using his house.Many people from Corinth came there and heard the Gospel preached.Even  the chief ruler of the synagogue, Crispus,believed and his household too and they all were baptized.


Then  God spoke to Paul in a vision and said” Do not be afraid,but speak. Do not keep quiet. For I am with you and no man shall hurt you for I have many people in this city”

Paul knew then what God wanted him to do. He sated there at Corinth for a year and a half and kept on teaching the Word of God among them. He was not afraid for he knew that God was working through him to save many people there.

There are two letters in the Bible which Paul later wrote to the believers at Corinth- first and second Corinthians.


Paul became very fond of Aquila and Priscilla.  He loved them dearly. They went with him sometimes on his journeys.

At one time they even risked their lives to save Paul’s life.He called them” my helpers in Christ Jesus’. The ecclesia often held their meetings in the home of Aquila and Priscilla.


Priscilla and Aquila were very happy together because they both loved to learn about God. They were both waiting for the Kingdom of God. So was Paul. This is why they were so happy together and such good friends . We also should only choose friends who love the things of God.

Wouldn’t it be wonderful to have Paul call us his helpers when he is raised from the dead again? If we learn the things of the Bible and do them, then we can be sure that he will do this.

*  Paul stayed with Priscilla and Aquila at Corinth.

* They were tent makers like Paul.

* Paul preached the Gospel from the home of Justus and  many believed.

* God encouraged Paul in a vision by night.

*Paul loved Aquila and Priscilla dearly.

* We should only chose friends who love the things of God.


” What must I do to be saved?”

To show God’s power to save those who are His and that good may come of trouble.


Paul and Silas were in the prison at Philippi. Their feet were locked in the stocks.It was midnight and those two faithful brethren were praying and singing praises to God. The other prisoners there heard them.

Suddenly there was a great earthquake.  The foundations of the prison shook and the doors of the prison burst open.

All the prisoners’chains fell off.

The jailor woke up with a start and saw that the prison doors were open.He thought that all the prisoners had escaped and that he would be put to death.So he took out his sword to kill himself.


But Paul called out in a loud voice, “Do yourself no harm: for we are all here.” The jailor called for a light .He ran into the prison, trembling and keeled at the feet of Paul and Silas. When he had brought them out he said,”Sirs, what must I do to be saved?”

They said, Believe on the Lord Jesus Christ ,and thou shalt be saved,and thy house.” And they preached the Gospel to the jailor and his household,then and there.  Next,the jailor gently bathed Paul and Silas’sore backs where they had been beaten. How humble he would have been to think that Paul and Silas’ sufferings had made it possible for him to learn the Truth and be saved. Then the jailor was baptised,he and all his household, straight away.

After that they all sat down and shared a meal together rejoicing and praising God for the wonderful things he had done.


The next day the magistrates asked Paul and Silas to leave their city. They realized that they had thrown them into prison without even finding out what they had done wrong. They were afraid now that they might get into trouble. Paul and  Silas went ,but first they called at Lydia’s house Paul exhorted the ecclesia there and then they went on their way.

Years  later Paul wrote a later to the ecclesia at philippi and we can read it today in our Bibles. It is called the Epistle or Latter to the Philippians. They were always his friends and helped him in his work. He called them his ” joy and crown”.


God is in control of all that happens on the earth. If it is His will he can cause an earthquake to deliver His servants.  Paul and Silas helped the jailor and his house hold to learn the Truth, even though they were suffering from being beaten.  We must learn the Truth and then try to help other people to learn the Truth too, no matter how hard it may be for us to do so.

* At midnight God sent an earthquake which freed Paul and Silas.

* The jailor keeled,Troubling  at the feet of Paul and Silas.

*They told the jailor how he could be saved and preached the Gospel to him.

*The jailor bathed their backs.

*The jailor and his household were baptized.

*We can read the letter that  Paul wrote to the Philippians in the Bible.

*Even when they were suffering,Paul and Silas preached the word of God.