A. Israel Diamanche is Founder of W.A.G.Program, [World(Word,Work) and acts of grace to protect and organize minority group and Association], he has decision over his organization or his Company.But the greater is God and greatly to be praised;and his greatness is unsearchable. Psalm 145:3-17

B.Founder has a stamp for the Company or organization and Coordinator has another stamp for the administration and Director have stamp for the center. SCUF,SLC and SED are organizations which supervise organization under W.A.G  program for  development. Our income will be split as following:

Company 37% and Activities 63%

  1.  Community means: all in one administration and under one representative.

If you are a member of our Community, you need to bring all of your riches with you to the Community without exception. But remember the different between member and employee. if you leave our community as a member does not affect ability as an employee of our community. And if  you leave the Community, You do not have right to claim anything back to you and peace will be missing to  you if left.

  1. D. Is prohibe to attempt or discus about the amendment against founder status at any W.A.G PROGRAM  Meetings.



  1. A. This is a marketing professional, responsible for developing strategies concepts and tailoring campaign to increase the revenue popularity and prestige of the organization the work entails initiating research projects and analyzing the results to determine the needs of advertisers and viewers and then dividing innovative ways in which to sanctify those needs by mobilizing the organization.


  1. B. Coordinator must come from only  in the family founder . whoever takes it, must be able to have the true faith.  Coordinator is  responsible of all administration under founder and he must report to founder any decision before action to take place, may reject any employees if is confirmed with any trouble or evil that can be taken any accepted or denied decision. They must defend any brother and organization according the scripture. So they must use members to see the truth or the reality of other groups or department.


FACILITATOR :  A. W.A.G .Program Facilitator  must be Pointed  by Family Founder, they must  be able to interact with each other as a team, They must defend any brother and organization according the scripture. So they must use  members to get the truth or  reality of other groups or departments.

  1. B. Are executive  in the W.A.G program organization they must come from the group, must be able to interact with each other as a Team. they need to be within the group for solving particular problems in the organization.Facilitator must report to coordinator every things before action to take place.


DIRECTOR: A. is a executive director of creative services, this responsible for promoting organization image, Programs, and personalities through advertising, public relations. This department also prepares and distribute press releases organization schedule, promotional brochures and pamphlets. It may also develop contests specials events and public relations projects.

  1. B. Director must be appointed by  Family Founder, no election for him, but if he has been found some offense that need guilty, Coordinator , Facilitator and Team Leaders can explore argument in more detail according the faith to the Founder. Director may have been transferred center or Department if there is misunderstanding between him/her and Employees.


ACCOUNTANT(Comptable): This position assists the business Manager in running the financial operations of organization. He/she handles accounts receivable and payable billings and payroll. The job also includes maintaining financial records for use by my management in daily business dealings and budgeting,  is appointed by founder family .


  • Auditor: This position controls any income of organization and how they spend it.  So, he can control other position and share his report  to coordinator and family  founder, also must be pointed by family founder .


  • TEAM LEADER: Must send the people to defend for looking for the reality and the truth to all problems happened in the organization, Groups, Companies or Businesses.

2 .  RULES

1. Every child in this program has the right to participate in all the activities provided by the program. Some activities including:

 -Bible studying: to learn the word of God .

-Meeting program: Children must meet with the visitors and others.

2. This program helps orphans and the children of poor parents between the ages of 3 to 18. There is no discrimination of color, tribe, language, race, nation, religion or sex.

3. Every worker and members of WAG PROGRAM must be clear in their work, they must show their love and support to their Customers.

4. Directors must organize at least one meeting with the members of the WAG program and at least one with the children’s parents after every three months.

5. There are assistants who help the Director to record the activities of the program.  Therefore any changes must be reported. These Assistants (managers) will be as the department’s administrators in the Direction office.

6. Buy or sell something of the program, you must show the receipt and justification to the reason why the buying or selling was necessary. So in case of distribution;  Everyone must sign and show the copy of signed legal form for justification.

7. The centers of the WAG program can receive the visitors from all over the world , But for well being the WAG program requests that all the future  visitors send a letter to coordinator in order to notify the directors about the date and centers in which they plan to attend.

8. It is the responsibility of the Directors to send informing reports to the Facilitators about an unwanted worker to be reviewed before another candidate can replace the suspended or dismissed workers.

9. Every child must know a name of his/her sponsor and they must know their program number.

10. The sponsors can leave their child at anytime.

11. Any worker who misuse the program’s money to do other unlawful things he/she will return the money with 20% plus will face other consequences for disobeying the rules.Bank lambert will be used to those who get credit from W.A.G.Program.

12. Parents have the right to ask about his child to Director or anyone among the worker of the program.

13. a.  Only the Mother has the right to receive their child’s benefits according Genesis 3: 16


  b . Any member who contributes his money or any help to the WAG Program cannot be reimbursed if   he leaves from the organization, because his contribution is Grace.


  c . In all our Businesses activities and our employees must be guided  by  commandments of Jesus Christ  and other teaching in the scripture( From both Old Testament  and New Testament).


      Israel   Dimanche