I received many questions asked me about myrightnews. Their questions were: do this blog is just for yourself ? Other people can read or comment on this Blog? This was good question and was very interested. I can tell you,when we opened this blog was appropriated to teach and learn the God’s word. when we say “We”that means there are more people who share with you by teaching or by learning. but about myrightnews, every one has his own will. His own zeal for learning or teaching .you can not be zealous to the unimportant things. When you feel the God’s word is not important that means God is not important to you. Be sure that this Blog can’t be your rightnews. To say myrightnews that means first, is important and happiness to yourself. advantage of teaching and learning is for yourself, your family, your community and Society. The third, God’s reward is for yourself,sharing with others by learning and teaching is your own will.But we are commended to teach others free.

God bless


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